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Hello Guys & Gals! So in light of all the current events that’s been happening around the world with the whole #OCCUPY movement. Also with occupyLA just 1 City block away from IllestBoutique. I thought about a totally funny random scenario of what if we did that with cars?… Occupy a full city block square block of all modified cars… I laughed, Vince laughed & everyone I told got a nice kick about it… *10 minutes later* Lets do it!!!!

So on December 11th 2011 the morning after AutoconLA. With the support of our local neighbors & friends in Little Tokyo (RIF LOS ANGELES, BowlsLA, IllestBoutiqueLA, StandardFunctions:Parts&Scooters, Royal Origin,, Team Supastar & Autoconevents)

We’ll be occupying 4 streets surrounding Little Tokyo. I’ve high lighted the streets in the image below. Cars will be gathering as early as 5:30AM. Since this will take place on a Sunday metered parking is exempted for the day! This includes all day parking on yellow loading zones. Im very sure the streets will meet capacity that morning so I highlighted a second area in yellow (Office depot/Starbucks lot) for the remaining cars to park. This event will go on from 6AM-Noon. Illest Boutique will be opening doors at 9AM for all the early birds and will be giving 15% off on all items in store during the meet. A special event sticker will also be given out that day to the cars that attend the meet! Stickers will be distributed by staff at attendees cars.

To all those who attend.. This meet will be on city streets so please park correctly. We are not responsible for cars being towed and/or cited.

-Make sure your cars are in designated parking zones. DO NOT park in redzones, commercial loadingzones, and/or double park
-Make sure your you guys have your front license plates on your car! Meter maids will getcha there fast I seen it.
-Again your are NOT required to pay for parking on sundays in little tokyo but private parking lots may require you to pay (bring some parking money)
-Please conduct yourself in a professional manner! No ricer flybys, burnouts or showoffs this is not nascar find a spot and park!
-Keep the noise to a minimum & please please please clean up after yourselves!
-Most restaurants & beverage places have public restrooms for customers only. So grab a snack or a drink. Be curious to our neighbors.

So set your alarms early, come out, dress up warm, Grab a spot, get a warm cup of coffee & enjoy your morning in LittleTokyo! See you guys there!!



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